Creative Non-Fiction:

La Piccioletta Barca, Vol 14, December 2019
Vermont Magazine, May/June 2018 
Vt Art Guide Vol 1 article (this is a PDF of a published magazine article)
VT Art Guide Vol 2 article  (this is also a PDF of a published magazine article)

I’m not taking on any freelance work right now.  I’m working on writing fiction and also on a new website that is all about everything to do with past and present pantries.

Visit the new site  Edible Pantry

My favorite writing on this site, Bean & Bantam:
Steeples & Stars
Glimpses of Magic
Secret Histories, Lost & Found

Content writing publication:

Backyard chicken articles for Wide Open Pets
Self-sufficiency articles written for Off The Grid News (online publication, click for a list and links to complete list of articles).