Ancona Chicks

Mottled Java chick 10 days old
Ancona chick at ten days old. Note the beginnings of tail and some wing feathers.  I ordered Mottled Java, and received mainly Ancona.  More specifically, I received 20 Ancona hens, 2 Ancona roosters that were supposed to be hens, and five Mottled Java roosters. 

Mottled Java chick 10 days old
I think this may be a Mottled Java rooster, but it’s too early to tell whether a chick is a rooster… my casual observation is that hens get their tail feathers in first, and the roosters take longer to get tail feathers (this one has no tail feathers).  The chicks with no tail feathers also appear to be more yellow than white.
Mottled java chick
These guys move so fast that it’s hard to get a sharp picture with no blur
Gang of mottled java chicks
I love the affronted look on two of these chicks.  Most of them look the same, but several stand out with some personality.
Mottled java chicks in the brooder
I think this one wants to tangle with the camera…
And last week, half the size and twice the fluff...
And last week, half the size and twice the fluff…


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12 thoughts on “Ancona Chicks

      1. Anonymous

        My son picked out a Mottled Java from the feed store. Appropriately named Spot. She is curious and calm. ( and heavy) also, a great forager. She was a favorite being the only pullet who let us pick her up. She has successfully hatched two batches of eggs. ( not her own, sadly.. We only have Banty roosters) and raised a few chicks we put under her as the others were hatching.

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      2. Spot sounds like a great hen! Mine are growing less skittish with heavy applications of tasty treats and bribery, but are not yet calm birds. Hopefully some day! They are charming though, and lovely to look at.


  1. Margit Van Schaick

    Daphne, do you think maybe they’re a bit more skittish because there are more of them? More chickies, more noise, activity multiplied. Not being a chicken expert whatsoever, I’m just wondering. They are certainly attractive. Please post some photo up-dates of those handsome barred rocks, as well.

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    1. Yes, it may be because there are more of them, or I am not remembering the barred rocks being more skittish at an earlier age, or it could be a breed thing. They certainly talk a lot more than the barred rocks ever did, they are chirpy singers!


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