Recipe: Excellent Spare Ribs

Tender excellent ribs like my grandmother used to make.  Oven roasted in two hours, with only three ingredients.  Easy recipe.

Yes, this blog goes from flintlocks to poetry to ribs, we cover it all here. These ribs are reminiscent of my grandmother’s recipe for oven baked ribs, tender, melty, slightly glazed with barbeque sauce:


  1. Pork Ribs:  must use spare ribs. Not baby back. Not country style. Plain pork spare ribs. You want enough to not worry about how many you can eat and still have left overs. Spare ribs are cheaper than baby back, I have no idea why that would be, because I think spare ribs are much better.
  2. Mesquite dry rub or dry rub of your choice
  3. Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce* (this sauce is our preferred sauce)

Directions:  Heat the oven to 325F. Put mesquite flavor grilling spice on both sides, put in the pan, meat side down. Do not cover. Bake for an hour (the smell will start to waft all over the house). Flip them over so meat side is up, bake for 45 minutes more. Wait, do not turn the oven off…. spoon some Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce fairly evenly over the top, bake for 15 more minutes. Let rest a few minutes. Slice between the bones. Plate or keep in pan with sauce side up.

These ribs are excellent with rice and some chard greens (recipe for our chard greens is here…we make those with red pepper flakes, garlic, salt, lemon and a little bit of olive oil… we chop and put the stems in first and cook those for about 5 minutes, and then top the cooked stems with chopped leafy parts of the chard, add salt, cover until wilted. Top with red pepper flakes and minced garlic, a shot of lemon, cover and remove from heat.  Toss before serving).

Spicy chard greens with red pepper flakes, salt, garlic and lemon
Spicy chard greens with red pepper flakes, salt, garlic and lemon

Do you have a favorite rib recipe, and how is it different than this one?  Feel free to post below.

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8 thoughts on “Recipe: Excellent Spare Ribs

    1. Yes, they are good! A recipe variation: my sister tells me my grandmother cooked them with garlic: she would insert garlic slivers between ribs (using the point of a knife to make a slice for the garlic) before roasting, and not use any bbq sauce, just salt and their own juices.


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    1. Yes, the chard is a must-have. I am itching for spring planting, and for the rhubarb to come up so I can make some strawberry rhubarb pie! Thank for stopping by to read about my rib recipe, and for the comment.


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