Recommended Reading

I’ve been reading more than writing lately, spelunking about on other blogs and into books on Kindle and on paper.  I’m wrestling with getting a few particular post topics down on paper that have been rattling around in my head; trying to cut through foggy ideas and put my thoughts into readable form. Reading seems to help my thoughts (and is an excellent form of procrastination). In my reading travels, I’ve come across a few treasures:

Poetry by Richard C. Harding on a blog called Off the Beaten Path. Richard D. writes the blog, and has created a family writing section.The Harding family is a family of writers. I am particularly enchanted with the poems of Richard C. Harding, which I’ve linked to below.  Richard D. writes about his father’s poetry, excerpted here: “…a whole bunch of poetry that my mother dutifully typed up on an ancient, even then, portable typewriter and the whole trove of polished words got filed away in folders or big brown envelopes and gathered far more dust than writing awards. Raymond C.,born 11/20/1900, died 10/28/1965 and the Underwood impressions of his imagination somehow survived, relatively untouched until recently. We are in the process of moving many pages of verbal artwork into 21st century readability and will publish them here as we get them finished.” YES! YES! because I want to read ALL of them! Here is my favorite selection of poems so far, and here is to reading more, and to reading more from members of the Harding family.

Life with a Yellow Bike is a blog with amazing writing. For example, this post about a memory of a story her mother told her.  That post is just so real, and funny, and rings so charmingly true.  Writing that brings you right there, creates an entire world, and wraps you up in it. Not to be missed.

On the Kindle, I’m reading IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston, about halfway through. I’ll report back when I’m finished.  It’s good reading, and some parts are brilliant.

Crows of Arroyos is a blog about the crow families in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of Seattle, with lovely photos of charming corvids, rainy buds and flowers.

Dan over at Vegetablurb is a long-time organic gardener.  His blog posts convey knowledge, enthusiasm and a sense of humor that I look forward to reading on the topics of gardening, vermiculture, and raising zombie lettuce. 

The Fashion Marionette: Each post is in English and French, and I adore each stylish post written by Anita-who-lives-in-Paris.  For example, look at this lovely grey coat, and that collar…!

I’m back at work writing and will be posting soon. In the interim, enjoy some recommended reading.

3 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. Thanks for sharing this list! Looking forward to reading these during this next snow storm. More snow? More reading and knitting ( and of course barn chores and shoveling, too!). Are you getting more snow over there in Vermont? Keep cozy!


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