Steeples and Stars


Spring has arrived in Vermont.

Iris coming up. You know what pops in my head when I see these new iris? “And these are my steeples” from that kids game where you fold your hands into a church. I like visiting churches… as a tourist. I’ve seen quite a few across the world, but not many inspire the simple awe of spring and sunlight on new green, or the grace of hands on dirt, or the benediction of brushing off damp gritty knees after kneeling to weed. Excuse me while I go look up the word benediction… Not totally sure what it means…

A little boy asked me not long ago what a church was, as we drove by one, and I tried to explain, I said churches were where people went to pray and talk to God. He asked me if churches where were God lived. Well, I said, it’s kind of his house, but he doesn’t live there. He’s everywhere. I thought that was the end of it, but then he asked me, “what are we made of?” What are we made of? What? What should I answer? Skin and bones? I reached way back and remembered a song lyric and something about carbon. We are all made of stars, I said. He was quiet the rest of the way home.

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5 thoughts on “Steeples and Stars

  1. Two things that always come to mind re my springs in southeastern MA – crocus in the receding snow line and the blue or purple flag iris. There are many more images and scents of course and in my advanced years I find myself relishing their arrival, nearly as much as the real thing,
    As always, thanks for your post.

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  2. sara

    daphne love all of your blogs, especially gardening ( must get that from your grandmother van) and chickens. The wild garden is gorgeous. the plant you were not sure of is creeping charlie. very invasive, but also very edible. lots of vitamin c. eat raw in salads or cook like spinach. the chickens would probably love it. easy to pull. loves to trail.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I remember her garden, and I always plant peonies and lilacs because I remember she had them. And I remember a big trough of hens and chicks succulents. And the hammock (we have one just like it). Thank you for reading, good to hear from you, I owe you an email (I’m terribly slow on emails).


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