feather of yellow shafted flicker

Glimpses of Magic

When I was a little girl, I believed absolutely in magic. As an adult, there are still times (although much more rarely) when imagination and reality can intersect at an angle just so, and the suggestion of magic reappears.  For example, just imagine you’re helping to tend a garden one spring day, and you’ve been told there’s an 18th century well somewhere on the property.  A beautiful stone well, dating to the time of the American Revolution, with the stones fitted together precisely in an elegant rock round, that is now blocked off by brush and in an uncertain location in the woods, no longer visible. Doesn’t it sound interesting?  Wouldn’t you want to get a look?  I did. I was told the general direction, and I headed carefully through brush, trying to avoid thorny catches on fabric and scratches on bare skin.  Continue reading “Glimpses of Magic”