ABOUT BEAN & BANTAM, THE BLOG: All about life in Vermont with chickens, weeds, and bees.  Gardening and good food, and writing because I love language and the turn of a word. Bean & Bantam is all about getting your garden on, hands dirty in some good soil, family, tending to dogs and bees and chickens, appreciating language, appreciating life, and having a good cackle.

All content by Daphne Van Schaick (or D.C. Van Schaick or Daphne Cybele Van Schaick) on Bean and Bantam, copyright 2020, some rights reserved:  you may quote or copy excerpts if a link to this site is provided when doing so.

Why the name? The bean seed is a symbol of the origin of all things, beginning a new life, while the bantam crows in the dawn and calls out the light of each new day, announcing the sun and the start of another day.  This blog is about life and gardening (beans), keeping chickens (bantams and other breeds), bees, and finding beauty in every day family life.  Get back to reading posts here, or continue down for more information…

Bean and Bantam is also about you, as a reader.  I write in order to document some aspects of our family life and some of my new (and old) adventures. This blog documents a personal sort of history, but one that you may find of interest on your own similar adventures, or to peek into a life dissimilar.

And another reader is in my mind:  I hope to annually collect some of the posts into a book, sort of like a photo album, but more of a diary, for future reference by my son when he is grown, a family history of a certain time, in a certain era.

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. I really like your About Page. It is Irresistible. You have a wonderful voice and In enjoy your use of language. I look forward to reading more posts about Beans, Bantams and Books. Kind Regards Cheryle

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  2. Anonymous

    Your blog rings of life and earthy goodness! Hallelujah to the bees, the weeds, inventive means for the leftovers. Cheers to you and yours, glad you like words, incredulous.


  3. Hi Daphne, thanks for the like on my Off the Beaten Path log. Incredible how so much of what concerns you is of interest to me. Not to big on chickens though but am totally fascinated by bees, trees, birds and many things NE. Left NH about 30 yrs ago for the warmth of southern states. Age is driving me into nostalgia and I might make a transition to official Snow Bird before long. Will continue to enjoy your postings and writing style. Keep warm. rdh.


    1. Thank you for stopping by to read about bees, trees, birds, and a cold slice of New England, and for the compliment to my writing! I look forward to your posts, and will be swinging by to read again soon!


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