Robin Tales

watercolor of a robin signed "Wooster"
watercolor of a robin signed “Wooster”

Yesterday, I had written that I was hoping for a hint of spring “crossing my fingers for a little bit of spring magic. Some greenery, a slant of light, maybe a bit of bird fluff” and today as I walked back to the office from my car, carrying some forced hyacinths tucked in a bag, a  robin chirruped at me from the top of a three-foot snow bank.   It’s a bit early for robins in Vermont (although some do overwinter here).  I saw a flutter of feathers, the tilt of a head, and robin eyes focused in my direction, not even three feet in front of me, on top of a snow bank between street and sidewalk.  I slowed my pace, the robin looking straight at me (well, as straight as it could with a tilted considering head). And then, a little hop or two on bird feet and it “chirruped” at me. I stopped completely, a bit uncertain at being so closely considered: avian scrutiny and at close proximity. And just like that, away and gone, while I followed with my eyes, across a roof and out of sight.  Continue reading “Robin Tales”