Equinox Mountain: Vantage Point and Boundaries

Equinox Mountain overlooks the town of Manchester, Vermont.  It’s a mountain of hardwood forests, the mountain itself largely marble, and any buildings are few and far between. To get to the top, you have the choice of hiking up the side through the woods, or paying the Carthusian monks at the foot of the mountain for a token to drive up the five miles of hairpin turns of private road to the top. The road was created, and eleven square miles of this mountain was once owned, by Joseph George Davidson, who retired to Vermont after working as the head of Union Carbide’s “gaseous diffusion” project at Oak Ridge, in which uranium was refined and used in the fission of the atomic bombs of WWII.  I myself would not relocate from Continue reading “Equinox Mountain: Vantage Point and Boundaries”