image I have found new reading territory. I’m not the first to come across it by any means, but to me it’s uncharted and unexplored, fresh and new.  Exciting. Imagine a scroll of brief poems: a haiku, then a tanka, another haiku, a micro-poem, each less than 140 characters. In such a condensed form, poets must select their words even more carefully, each word cleanly cut, faceted, lyrical. Brief snippets of language can contain entire worlds. No stumbles on mangled or misused words; these are the true virtuosos of language, exceedingly skilled at creating with the written word (and also, spectacular spellers, which is particularly dear to my heart).

This new reading territory I’ve found, this always changing scroll of poetry can be seen, of all places, on Twitter (which I find absolutely brilliant in this one regard, still under evaluation for other aspects). A selection of those I’ve recently read, and now seek out:

Kim Talon @This_is_Talon on Twitter her web site here

George Szirtes, @george_szirtes on Twitter, his web site here

Chen-ou Liu @ericcoliu on Twitter, his web site here

John Wisdom @John34239 on Twitter his web site here

There are many others. I would like to post examples, but I feel I would need permission to excerpt, even in quotes. If you are on Twitter, some examples can be found by following those above, or by searching #haiku and #micropoetry on the site. I retweet those I come across that I enjoy under (Twitter can be somewhat of a curating experience in that you find things you love and create your own stream). Check out their web sites, maybe add them to your Feedly or your rounds, even if you are a Tweeter. I wish you much happy reading.

Do you Tweet?  Have you found any new reading territory there, or somewhere else?