A Sunday Walk in Vermont

The river is high, the banks still snowy, a Sunday walk in Vermont
The river is high, the banks still snowy

This past Sunday we went for a walk, the first of the season.  There are no sidewalks in our neighborhood, so winter makes it too dangerous to walk on the road, once they have been narrowed by snowbanks.  Our road is not straight, it goes up hills and around treacherous blind curves, and down and across fairly narrow bridges.  We wait to walk until the snow has receded, and the roadsides are clear of snow, gritty in places with sand from the plow trucks, the shoulders soft mud topped with the same gritty sand.  Rivulets of snow melt off higher ground and run down the edge of the road pavement, shimmering slight currents catching the eye.

We keep an ear out for cars, and they often steer clear over into the other lane.  Many of the drivers wave, or lift two fingers off the steering wheel in greeting.  Further down at the end of the road, you can hear the river, the current strong and water high, chattering over rocks and against icy banks.  The air is cold; it’s good to feel the sun, to walk on the road after a winter inside…

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