Chicken Perspective

rooster butt feathers
You can lose sight of where you are when you are head-down-feet-forward in a routine of habit.

Our daily routine is a framework, providing structure to our days and weeks. It can be easy to get a little lost in a routine.  Sometimes, you can lose sight of where you are when you are head-down-feet-forward in a routine of habit.

And this is fine: there is absolutely nothing wrong with moving forward… But sometimes, it’s nice to look up and appreciate what you have.  Or, to look up and find that things are off and need an adjustment, a retooling, a tilt from “Nowhere” to “Now Here.”

I am not at all qualified to give advice on life direction, but I’ll share what helps me figure things out. Three questions:

Do you know who you are?
Do you know how you got here?
Is this how you want to live?
Is this how you want to live?

What is missing?  Take a minute to make a (flexible!) plan to adjust, modify, or add something in. Take a few steps towards how you want to live.  At a loss?  Try writing down the eight or ten things you can think of that are important to you, things that you love, something that brings joy.  Get it out in a jumble, stare at it, and figure out what might be missing from the right now that is important to work towards as you go forward.

Do you know who you are?

Do you know how you came to be at this point, right now?

Is this how you want to live?

Young Barred Rocks in the Coop

rooster butt feathers

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9 thoughts on “Chicken Perspective

  1. So important to circle back and be mindful of the life we live, the life we choose, to make the adjustments when needed. Routine can often be the very thing that helps us to be mindful….chop wood, carry water as they say, but it is also good practice ( I think) to pause and ask ourselves if we are doing the work we are meant to do. I realize that most often in our lives we balance a bit of what we have to do with what we want to do. I guess balance is the key. One precious life to live… important to ask ourselves these questions. Happy spring and happy days to you over there in Vermont, here in Maine……spring has finally arrived and taken hold, thank goodness.

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  2. Margit Van Schaick

    Spring- cleaning, of a sort. It’s time, absolutely, for me to begin doing just that. The huge, old silver maple in my backyard, dying for years before I ever moved here, and strewing branches with every breeze, is being cut down right this moment. Like the tree guy said:”You’re gonna have a whole lot more light in here!” Your barred rocks do make the point. Great photos, great post.

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  3. Daphne, great questions. The first one is the most profound one and should be digested before answering. Many people are passengers in their own lives, subject to daily habits or routines. This must be answered well, before going to the next two. You are making me think today. Well done, my lady. BTG

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